Our Processes


We have a dedicated design office that works closely on the latest trends in order to constantly provide new designs and embroidery techniques. Our Design Team is frequently travelling to the various international shows, & conducting market research.

Aware of markets, trends, fashion and lifestyle forecasts, we are constantly looking for new fabrics and trims that will make our collections stand out.


Our Fabric & Accessories team is technically qualified & has all the equipment required for checking, testing & handling the wide range of fabrics we deal in. Checking can be done as per customer requirements.


We use a wide range of equipment depending upon the fabric & product we are cutting.


Our Production lines are filled with many specialised machines & abundant use of attachments to ensure efficiency & quality of output. The floors are set up in a modular fashion, enabling us to handle production runs from small to large quantities, & from High Fashion to Basic garments.


With our in-house embroidery department, Fiori’s assets are the human resource of the firm, who are the best in their chosen fields and think like entrepreneurs.


Our shipping team is equipped with the latest softwares & trained to handle all aspects of logistics.

Finishing & Packing

This is integrated into our sewing lines, to ensure minimal movement of garments & low levels of work in progress.